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    Once it reaches 150 points, you receive free phone credit.

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    Obtain phone credit instantly, easily anf for free each time you reach 150 points.

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  • L'économiste

    LIK, selected among the 28th world wide most innovative startups.


  • الصباح

    .ليك التطبيق الأول من نوعه في العالم الذي يعطيك تعبئات مجانية و هو 100% مغربي


  • Ultra (l'économiste)

    LIK, on Zuckerberg's path.


  • Le matin-éco

    LIK won "Level Up Morocco" first Prize.

    Le matin-éco

  • HitRadio

    LIK solves today's youth main issues which is phone credit.


  • atlantic radio

    Since its recent launch, LIK knows a growing success and aquires steadily ten thousand users per week.

    Atlantic Radio

  • medradio

    LIK's concept has a great potential in emerging markets.
    Morocco deserves to have its own world wide startup success-story.


  • medradio

    Young African Enterprise Prize, LIK revolutionizes mobile marketing to serve its users.

    Le Point

  • jeuneafrique

    Awarded best innovative entrepreneurs of Africa by Attijariwafa Bank

    Jeune Afrique

  • challenge

    For the first time, a Moroccan and Arab application won the worldwide prize Get In The Ring as the best international startup lightweight category

  • aujourdhuilemaroc

    LIK, laureate of the TOTAL Startup Challenge.

    Aujourd'hui le Maroc


LIK pursues as well social objectives

LIK will communicate soon around its parternships with Moroccan charitable organizations

LIK, How does it work?

A simple video to show you how it works


For the Professionals

Discover the large array of mobile advertising possibilities offered by LIK.


You receive phone credit each time you sponsor people

When I receive an ad on call reception, can I answer to the phone without being disturbed ?

Yes, it is possible to answer, to decline the call and see who is calling you. The ad on call reception has no influence on your mobile usage You can even remove the ad by clicking over the cross situated on the top right side of the screen and fully use your Smartphone functionnalities.

How can I get access to my earned phone credit ?

Once you reach 150 points, you receive automatically phone credit corresponding to your mobile operator and phone number. In order to receive phone credit, you need however to be connected to the Internet and accept that LIK sends you notifications and geolocates you. You receive as much phone credit as you hit the 150 points of the bar.

What does sponsoring stand for ?

The sponsoring allows you to make your friends and relatives join the community of LIK. In order to sponsor them, you will just need them to mention your phone number during the subscription step. When you sponsor someone, he/she wins 30 points and you win as well 30 points. You can sponsor as many people as you want and enjoy easily and rapidly free several phone credit recharges. To sum up, each time you sponsor people, you win free credit phone.

How can I fill the bar

Each time you receive ads on call reception, it fills your bar. You can as well fill the bar through receiving notifications. Notifications allow you to have interactions with brands (example: watch a commercial spot or like a Facebook page etc). You are free to interact or not with those notifications. If you do, you fill your bar faster. Moreover, You can fill your bar by sponsoring your friends and relatives in order to make them join LIK.

How can I use the rewarded phone credit ?

The phone credit that we reward you is similar to the one you purchase in corner stores and small shops. The recharge can be consumed by voice, data or offered to a friend.

What is the value of the rewarded recharge ?

It varies constantly according to promotions and discounts offered by operators. The rewarded credit phone recharges will generally allow you between ten to thirty five minutes each time you hit the 150 points bar.